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Our Purpose Built Rig



  • After two years of research, a trip to Sydney to the Caravan and Camping Expo and touring the factories of caravan companies….we found Bushtracker to be the only true four wheel drive van on the market. With their military based chassis and square box metal frame, double riveted and welded, we found it to be the only van engineered for the places we go. Anyone who has experience with the gravel roads and corrugations knows the toll it takes on any van or vehicle.
  • Bushtrackers are built strong and are designed to be fully self-sufficient to stay in the most remote areas on this continent. With solar power and large water storage you will find Bushtrackers going to places where no other caravans go. (bushtracker.com)
  • Our specially converted vehicle is designed to tow the extra weight of a four wheel drive caravan, plus carry the size and weight of all our tools and a basic hardware to site.
  • Our tool box is designed with the Jack-Off System. This allows for the dual purpose of getting tools to site but also using the ute for the delivery of materials.
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