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Kimberley Station Homestead

This beautiful home needed an upgrade. It also needed some modifying so it could function well as a family home.

The kitchen needed to be big enough for a family. The existing kitchen had very little cupboard space and if you look at the photos you can see that anyone washing up would have had their head in a cupboard. With the window, four doorways and a chimney there was very little space for any cupboards. The new kitchen looks fantastic and now there is plenty of cupboard space for a farm sized family kitchen. The colours for the walls, floor tiles and cabinets look great but also took the Pindan soil colour into account, making it practical for farm living as well.

The bathroom was partly demolished already and not usable. The enamel pedestal vanity was freighted off to Perth and re- enamelled and the old shower taps and rose were soaked in CLR and cleaned up. The tiler recommended the skirt tile be the same as the floor tiles so the Pindan soil wouldn’t stain the lighter wall tiles and grout when it was mopped.

The wooden window frames were rotted from years of the Kimberley wet season onslaught. Usually when windows are installed the frames are made off-sight and then installed on-sight, then the glaziers install the glass. With the closest wooden window framers over three thousand kilometres away and glaziers four hundred kilometres away, Richard made his own window frames and freighted the glass in. On most of the windows we could recycle the louver galleries and glass.

The managers and staff on this Station were really wonderful people to work with. Another great experience in the Kimberley.

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