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Kimberley Station Farm Managers Residence

This farm managers residence is on a 1.6 million acre cattle Station in the Kimberley in Western Australia. There were three helicopter pilots living in this house and it looked as if no one had done any maintenance to it for at least twenty years. When we arrived the lawn sprinkler system was watering the garden and the lounge room at the same time.

With any renovation, we need to know what job the dwelling will have when we have finished with it. In this case it is a farm managers residence, so the homes function is more or less the same as a rental property. This means that the renovation needs to concentrate on durability, practicality and surviving the wear and tear of a family. We stuck to neutral colours with wash and wear finishes and hard wearing products.

We really enjoyed sinking our teeth into this renovation. The Kimberley sunsets were an amazing way to end every day.

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