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1. How much do you charge an hour or do you quote?

We can do hourly or quote. Our pricing varies based on job description, geographical location and time spent on each project. We also have special rates for our small group of exclusive return clients. The longer we have with you and if we return for further works, the more economical it becomes.

2. When can you get here?

The sooner you commit to our services the sooner we can be there. For people new to us, please don’t wait until you want the job done straight away, this always leads to disappointment. As you might appreciate we are unable to drop what we are doing, or work we are committed to for our current clients. So far our clients have been happy to wait so long as we will be doing the project for them.

Most of these things take time to organise properly and that time will go quickly. Until you make that commitment to confirm our services, we cannot organise to fit you in and commit to your project. Sometimes we may finish a project early, or your project might be a relatively short job that will fit well geographically in between and we can slot you in. There are many different factors involved, so never assume we cannot make it to you. Make contact with us and we can chat about what is involved and organise a plan.

3. How long do you think it will take to get the (stage/work/project) done?

After our initial conversation and after discussions with you over the phone we should have a broad spectrum idea of time lines for the works you require. Any photos or videos will help greatly with this.
It is not until we actually view the property that you will get a more accurate view of the timelines to complete a project or how many stages of works it will take to get your project finished ….depending on the scope of works you require.

With our small group of exclusive return clients, we are often booked either on an annual basis or once every two years to do a stage of works on one of their many properties. Or to gradually fix up an entire property over organised stages. Part of what we do is to help you organise and structure these stages of works.

4. What is the minimum time you will work with us?

Our aim is to keep our costs to you at a minimum and one way we can make that economical for you is by keeping our schedules to a minimum of 12 weeks in any one location. We are of course available for shorter time periods but there are relocating costs and travel components to be factored in for this and you won’t get the full benefits of our cost savings by booking in your minimum 12 week time period.

We do have clients that have multiple properties in a centralised location that we work between within that 12 week time period. We have also tagged on small jobs with neighbouring properties between our regular projects.
It is important to keep in mind that 12 weeks is easy to fill when we are talking about building and renovation. Most of our clients want us for considerably more. In fact we have stayed on two different Stations for nine months and we were asked on one to stay for another year!

5. When are you coming?

To avoid disappointment, book straight away! To people new to us this is what you must do first. We say this in everything we do but we still get disappointment from our new customers. We can be booked up to a year and a half in advance.

There are windows of opportunities that come up, depending on the projects we are working on, our locations and how we are running on timelines. So the only way to ensure your project in our schedule is to confirm your booking with us.

Many spend a long time making the decision to build or renovate but once the decision is made, they want it done right now, yesterday preferably and are disappointed that we can’t drop the people and projects we are working on and drive our rig there straight away. Renovation/builds take time to plan properly and finance, so book us in in the early stages of your planning so you can ensure having us work with you on your project.

6. Do you need accommodation?

No, we have a purpose built, specially designed rig made to go to the remotest locations on this continent. Our special conversion vehicle is designed to tow all our tools and our off road 4WD caravan. Our caravan is made by the only true off road 4WD caravan company in Australia www.bushtracker.com.

We will talk with you about your power and water requirements. A lot of the places we work on have no mains power and are generator run. Our rig is especially set up for this.

There are some locations that are inaccessible to even our rig, for example that are fly in fly out locations or offshore. We are also set up for this. We can go over your requirements for these projects and discuss what is needed with tools, accommodation and food requirements for the scope of works. We are set up for our stuff to be barged to location, flown in or we can use tools on site.

7. Do you bring your own tools?

Yes. We bring all our tools plus a small hardware of stuff to get us started straight away. This usually keeps us going while waiting for materials to arrive.

If the job requires specialist tools, we can look at the best options to get these to site. It might mean that we can purchase and bring it in or hire and freight depending on costs, time needed on site and location. Fortunately the need for specialist tools is not needed very often, but we are experienced with logistics and minimising costs as part of our project management with you.

8. Will we have to feed you?

No. We mostly self-cater. However in the locations where this is not possible we will talk this over with you.

9. Will we have to be involved and help you, or do you do everything yourselves?

Most of the people we work with are very busy or located elsewhere and offsite… and are extremely time poor. Initially we (need/require/prefer) the owners input in terms of what exactly it is you (require/want done) even if you have a Manager in place. We can help with this process if you are unsure or need help with ideas or want to know what options are open to you.

It is really important to us that we get it right and that you are happy with the result. This requires good communication and checking in from time to time when we need to discuss options, as they arise. Apart from that, we usually do everything ourselves.

Having said that, we are more than happy to include anyone interested in being involved with the project. Just be careful, we are passionate about what we do and may swamp anyone who shows an interest!!!
We always encourage questions. If you ever want to know what’s going on and why we are doing something, just ask!

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