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Do It Yourself

Are you interested in starting your own profitable renovation business? I mean, really start a business – renovate for profit, not just for a hobby..? Then you need this book!


coverThis ebook is an insight into our renovating journey, from rank amateurs through to professional renovators. The real value of this book is that you get to learn from our mistakes. We’ve been doing renovating a long time, and do you think we might have made a few mistakes over the years? We certainly have!

Fast track your renovating business into the black by avoiding the minefields we’ve stumbled into, and following our journey.

This e-book is only $27.95!

What would a renovating mistake cost you? If you’re anything like us, you could probably add a few zeros to the end of that number… So even if we only help you avoid a single mistake, you’ve definitely made your money back. And we have advice which will help you avoid dozens of renovating mistakes!

Grab your copy now, and don’t forget to register your interest for our Renovating Mentor Program.

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