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Coochiemudlo Island

This property was left with a $28,000 tenant damage bill. All of the walls, ceilings, doors and cupboards had cigarette smoke damage which had to be removed with up to four applications of sugar soap. The resin from tobacco is like toffee and needs repeat scrubbing until the surface is clean. Only after this process can you seal the surfaces with oil based undercoat and then paint. If you paint over cigarette damage without the appropriate preparation the orange staining will come straight through the new paint.

The oven was only six months old but had to be prised off the floor because it was set in cooking fat. Also the tenants didn’t understand the diagrams on the stove so they thought that writing left, right, front and back in pink nail polish might help.

We couldn’t figure out what the large water stains all over the carpet might have been from until a neighbour advised us that the tenants thirteen year old disabled son, used to be left on the floor until the contents of his nappies spilled over out on to the floor.

Our best bargain on this renovation was the kitchen. It was brand new from a project home. The young couple didn’t want the kitchen but it was what came with their package. So they replaced the kitchen when the house was finished and sold it to us for $800.

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