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Christine and Jamie’s Bathroom

This was a fun project. Jamie and Christine have a beautiful old farm homestead in outback New South Wales. With a house of five, the existing bathroom was too small and they really wanted a separate shower…. but they also wanted to keep the original claw foot bath. Without changing the existing floor area we had to nut out the best use of that space.

The story goes that when Jamie and Christine originally decided to make this run down house their home, they found dead sheep in the bath. They must have got into the bathroom and accidently shut the door and were unable to get out.

With the Communion of their twins looming, 40 guests invited, plus a celebrity guest coming to see how they do Communions in the bush, the family were keen to get their new bathroom underway.

After stripping the walls back we found the original, beautiful 6’ wide, Cyprus pine, VJ boards.

Getting to the farm was fun in the rain. Jamie had to come out on the Polaris and gumboots were the only way to get from the car to the house. Thank goodness the tool trailer was parked at the house.

Well we made the deadline on time, despite the rain and left the plumbers to fit off and do their second fix right before another lot of rain. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the photos of the bathroom after the plumbers finished, as it flooded and the Communion ended up at the local pub……..which was great fun.

Jamie and Christine are a gorgeous couple and they were a dream to work with. We really enjoyed their company and this project is one of our most memorable, thank you.

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